Which is better, classic or modern?

Pulished 2017-06-08 13:03:36

If you look at today's villas, you can see the dilemma the architect has for the style.
- Mmmm .. make it classic or modern. If classics do look out of fashion, getting modern will get out of fashion soon. Then I'm doing something in the middle.
In the end, you look at the product and you are not able to understand what the author meant with the work. There are some Ottoman traces there, then some traces of the Fascist period, followed by the Socialist Realism and finally the chaos of the transition.

- You will be a good architect if I do not understand the deed.
There are also other solutions such as Myzeqese peasants. Take the pencil and the paper, remove some parallel lines, remove some more that are crossed with the first 90 degrees and here is the house; Absolute symmetry. Appearances help us to cast concrete and for a month to end work. We are doing 3-4 floors for kalamajte that is not known. The end is what we see today when we are traveling from Tirana to Lushnje; Square mushrooms that dominated the sandy rain of democracy.
Whenever a Libeskind level architect speaks, he understands that architecture is a philosophy. It summarizes the history of humanity, the present spiritual state and aspirations for the future. So the villas should be designed with the same feet in mind. Otherwise, it ends with a creature that comes out of the heart quickly and holes the pocket.

- What style do you use in my villa?

Do not even think and discuss until you have a model that really expresses your essence and serves your needs in a functional way. Try to predict how your life will be in the next 10, 20, 30 years to keep the time. Do not be afraid to challenge the architect until you realize that his vision complies with the tendon.
- Finally, a little advice.
If you do not have time to enter this dance, buy a ready-made wool, but it's really nice and you go into work. There are villas in complexes and detached villas for more privacy. There are small and big villas, close to and far from urban centers. Whatever your needs are, there is a villa that fulfills them.
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