A little more care of the garden

Pulished 2017-06-08 13:06:11

That the owners of the villas started to pay more attention to the kindergartens. The concrete spot that you could see, the green grass and some olive trees bought as they peeled off the pulp. Seat places also have a pipe for automatic irrigation but this is great luxury and is rarely encountered.
The quality of our villas actually reflects the stage of our psychic, emotional, aesthetic and conceptual development. Several years ago, a Chinese coming from Rinas airport to Tirana, passes from the Greater Ring or Astir area as we say. The big fancy said, but without plans.
Before I said, here there was a field while our chaos sounded chaotic. For a while our ideas passed from head to field and the result is the one you see.
The yard of the villa should be designed by people of the profession. What happens is that the woman takes command of the interior design of the house and makes a war of colors and tastes, while the garden is taken over by the husband and his solution is a little herb, fruit trees and a hut for work tools.
The artist does not throw water in the clouds, but I know about the tiny details such as stone, flowers, bushes, stone slabs and shatervani. All of these elements satisfy our reptile brain and we feel weird at times.
In our yard yard in the fear of crossing the darkness; Even the brave man turns his head back from time to time when he ferns any tree leaves. Little stylish lighting makes the yard as pleasant as the house and does not cost much.
In conclusion: when you buy or buy a villa, get a courtyard decor who feels cool when you enter the gate.