Villa without pool ???

Pulished 2017-07-10 10:52:42

Villa Without Swimming Pool ???
Have you made a beautiful villa and did not make the pool? Do not run in vain. Now what do you do now? Or do you go to public swimming pools that have 3 years without changing water and 25% of the content is uric acid? How good are friends coming, how do you enjoy them? It's not just life-like ice cream and cold beer; A refreshing dip to clear the head of the head.
Doing a conversation with the feet embedded in the pool would not you like it? Do not let yourself be in the right society;)
A Mohitos does not taste in the fig tree; Must mix between eggshell, ice and water aroma for maximum effect. With the pool you look sexy as the most beautiful pool without pool looks like a castle.
Well, you know that inside you have furnished beautiful villa with the best architect in Albania. Do the sofas look in when the temperature rises to 40 degrees? Is the blast not coming when you see the neighbor sitting on the edge of a cold cool whiskey or a J & T as a British queen?
You know, but our suggestion is not to miss any day without pool water. Imagine where to put it and start rubbing those flowers that can barely cover a week a year. When you grow old with a heavy head, the first thing you will do is plunge into the fresh morning water. We work people will look in the eye and will not understand where your lightness comes from.