The Adaptive villa like local and Hotel

  •   Price : 800 000.00 €
  •   ID : 8
  •   Location Tirana - Tirana
  • 0 Floors
  • 6 Bathroom (s)
  •   8 Rooms
  • 0 Living Room (s)
  •   Gross area : --- m²
  •   Net Area : 700 m²
  •   Price/m² : 0 €

When leaving the old road of Elbasan, in the right eye only captures fortress of Petrela, but thereabouts, hidden among the trees, are some of the invaluable treasures. Buildings on the hill always have a special power that gives height and rugged terrain. In fact Albanians have always built on the hillside until 90 years came and broke it so beautiful tradition that has left us a unique volume as Berat, Gjirokastra, or even villages Dropull. The main gate and the input square cluster to remind the Albanian old movies when travelers arrive in the middle of the weary night in any inn and out was taking the horses any workers that they went out to eat lamb meat and drink wine good with three Aspra . We felt heard the noise of unshod horses and intend to come Mesonjetorja movie; Thracian Thracian trick trick. There was something on the Spanish square. The influence of the North African country in southern Spain was forwarded more originality to the heights of Petrela. Further starting French influence. Stone walls and stairs with ceramic remembered for centuries cellars where wine is made of good people drink until you confounded sites. Hanging on walls look balances, cats and dogs, and trumpets convert vases. Grate with Ember, soft wine, churn and nude sculptures adorned every step plunge. Stone River was worked beautifully, without going Symmetry boring. terrain rocks were integrated with the property as the brother and sister century olives graced across the landscape. Erzen verandas overlooking the river and national route can be invented in a local summer that lost sense of time and you can spend an inspiring afternoon in the company of nice people and delicious food. If you do, it keeps the entire villa for himself but is large and will have more friends to fill :) We actually villa is designed to be done in the local first floor is open space and boutique hotel on the second floor where there are five rooms with fantastic views. The yard has room not only for tables with customers but also to make a spacious swimming pool for the hot summer months. 1400 m2 We can organize everything, it just has to have the desire. If you want to live like the French or build one elegant premises in Tirana, this is the right property. There is a second like this and less labor turns into an attraction for domestic and foreign. For more information call Armandi 0672049200 .

Armand Shkembi

Real Estate Broker

Armand Shkembi

Real Estate Broker