Unless bought this cottage will remain Merak

  •   Price : 350 000.00 €
  •   ID : 10
  •   Location Tirana - Tirana
  • 0 Floors
  • 2 Bathroom (s)
  •   3 Rooms
  • 0 Living Room (s)
  •   Gross area : --- m²
  •   Net Area : 250 m²
  •   Price/m² : 0 €

We do not like to say otherwise. We multitude of Tirana villas, this villa stands alone, proud, amidst nature, beautiful designed with a price that does not believe who. Most people want to buy villas around the complex with the illusion that they will find safety there. I have a question: I expect you think that when someone comes to your house keepers will rise out of the main gate there will come running to save your belongings? Difficult it work. But when shooting neighbors as difficult will you do? If the monthly payment of maintenance just enough to take a rented apartment in the city? But when thou shalt make a party you have to get permission from the "assembly" of the residents? But when you want to make a change and not let it ruin the architect of the complex uniformity? This property is not for everyone. It is for people who love freedom and privacy. It is for those who want to see nature when they wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee to hang around in the yard. It is for those who do not want posturing but quality of life. It is far from Tirana? Available Surrelit the area, only 20 minutes by car from central square; need more time to deduct from the Paris Commune to come from there. big ring even more distance shortens. They at least 20 minutes shall not exceed in traffic but in a green way. Inside there is everything you expect from a villa: covered parking, separate kitchen, stylish, three spacious living room, modern furnishing, garden for relaxation, bio gardens for vegetables and a swimming pool for a favor tents. Dressed in cameo from Saint George makes it look like castles of any nobleman. These days the owner fled abroad and return after a few months or so now buys or does not buy at all, will only remain worry when passing by and see what you missed. When the preview to be cleared by the illusion of the complexes start to recognize problems, you will understand that you have been under the marketing effect, but now will be later. Better Buy your secluded villa live free as king!

Armand Shkembi

Real Estate Broker

Armand Shkembi

Real Estate Broker