Unique villa designed by Italian architect

  •   Price : 1 500 000.00 €
  •   ID : 12
  •   Location Tirana - Tirana - Kodra e Priftit
  • 0 Floors
  • 4 Bathroom (s)
  •   5 Rooms
  • 0 Living Room (s)
  •   Gross area : --- m²
  •   Net Area : 900 m²
  •   Price/m² : 0 €

In an exclusive road somewhere north of Tirana found a villa we had time we wanted to make some pictures but the rain prevented us constantly. It became around a sunny Saturday and headed villas hunting. Around half an hour I came across any neighbourhood how we found but it was worth the effort. The surrounding wall is lined with stones and high yield gates message here is something serious. When the gates opened we thought we'd go out any hip-hop star, but it turned out cleaners. Without them we see once again this villa, she said to herself, as people who have seen everything and not easily impressed with. As soon as we entered, I remained those kids breathless. What? Our files lost no temper; took the camera, threw the bag on the ground and went to work without the need for our continuous motivation, picture Bente in the pool, the pool, the pool side and reflecting pool. Wow, that is unless villa with saying. There are no flowers left corner of the mare had not Derman to pour in without exhausted every external detail. Within the intention being corrupted impression. Kitchen with warm colors and tastefully decorated, dining room worthy of cooking that came from that kitchen, typical salon intellectual circles that support elbow to the chimney, and lay his head up in search of arguments, enough friends room for a minister, coated qualitative stone corridors in to going to the toilet a pleasure. Upstairs three luxurious rooms and a studio to push read endless. Piano gave a class environment and atmosphere of harmony. When we came down we said that we had finished, but not had the -1 floor. Gym equipped for any fitness level, another room for friends and wineries. Between the winery was a table where the newly tasted wines income. No, my fixation, leave here with me and continue to have less work. We exit the pool reservoirs and closed garage for two cars. But by then we not inspected harvested? Yes hours. A small promenade from those who had castles and knights in XIIIV the century that were used supposedly to discuss lbrat but in fact the purpose had to pick around young girls. Somewhere a small garden where you could well be setting a bench to recite poetry with beautiful women. Further chimney for barbecue and a covered balcony with glass windows to enjoy the winter sun. Here the architect did not work to receive a salary but to make art. Road owner has forbidden it did score and has given a free hand builders do best. Only in Miami has villas of this level. The first year there villa will cost somewhere around 4-5 million euros, but in Tirana the best cost free stuff; It depends on who buys the first.

Armand Shkembi

Real Estate Broker

Armand Shkembi

Real Estate Broker