Villa In Mountain

Pulished 2017-06-08 13:08:25

Beautifully landscaped villas are also beautiful, but nothing compared to mountain energy. There is something divine there, so many of the objects of worship are built in the mountains. The sea is interesting for a couple of months, then it does not impress. At sea, most of the time we go and go to the others, while the mountain calls itself.
Fortunately we have endless mountains even near the inhabited centers. Our excitement with the city will soon quench and return to the mountains again.
When you climb to Dajti Mountain, Tirana looks like a smog sea and you realize that you can have the best apartment in town, but the air is the same with others.
How is it better; To have a villa in Dajti and travel 20 to 30 minutes to go to work or live near Skanderbeg's horse and suck unburned fuel particles?
For a while we will continue to compete who lives near the center, until a beautiful day the doctor enters the room with a snoozed face and a paper with unpromising results.
A villa in the mountains not only prolongs life but also changes the lifestyle. Instead of spending time on the cafes after work, making rumors for all ages, you can go hiking or gardening. Children are taught to be small in nature and never leave it. Even the friends will be pleased with the weekend that they will have their breaks out of the daily routine.
In the end, once we go to the mountain that he was there all the time. Modern life is attractive but has no substance. Lights, loud music, and shop facades are like the roar of Columbus Indians in America in exchange for gold. It's all a nice illusion.
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